NBC handpicks children to smear Trump in latest propaganda video

The discredited establishment press flat-out refuses to cover the Trump administration fairly, so don’t expect the animosity from the White House towards these pretend journalists to let up anytime soon.

The latest media outrage comes from NBC News, which produced nothing less than propaganda aimed at undermining President Donald J. Trump’s executive order to shore up national security and cut the flow of human and drug trafficking into the U.S. via the construction of a border wall.

As reported by CNS News, the network – whose viewership continues to decline – handpicked children to oppose Trump in a pair of videos to make it seem as though just about every kid in the country hates Trump and sees him as an out-and-out racist who threatens our country. (RELATED: Natural News endures wave of vile assaults from POISONED MINDS damaged by medication, vaccines and fluoride… as society becomes more deranged by the day)

CNS News noted:

Not one child in either “Dear Mr. President: kids Talk Trump” or “Dear Mr. President: Letters from the American Children” says he actually supports Trump’s efforts to keep America safe from terrorism or stop the influx of illegal aliens.

Among the comments by kids in the videos:

— “I don’t like your definition of American, because I don’t seem to fit within it.”

— “You are here, attempting to white-wash America.”

— “Most of my family is black. I’m afraid that you’re gonna hurt some of us blacks.”

And of course, none of the kids like the idea of a border wall or a travel ban – even though Obama issued several – because, you know, that’s mean and unfair.

“Not letting immigrants into America is really not nice, so please let them in,” said one.

“Please don’t build a wall, and please don’t let people have guns,” said another child.

“You’re going to separate me away from the rest of my family, and I really don’t want that because I love them too much,” another said.

And, as CNS News pointed out, a number of the children’s comments weren’t even about issues, they just seemed like personal ad hoc attacks on the president himself.

“Who will build this country up again from the rubble you will put it under?” said one.

This is nothing but grotesque mental abuse of innocent children who are being taught to hate by adults with an agenda. It’s pathetic and frankly it ought to be criminal. What’s more, it is hypocritical beyond belief for the Left to be outraged over adult parents who belong to the KKK and who teach their children to hate black people and minorities; how is that any different than what is being done to these children, none of whom are capable of understanding the complexities of the president’s duties and responsibilities to keep Americans (including them) safe? (RELATED: The transgender programming of children is child abuse, warns the American College of Pediatricians… chemical castration, genital mutilation and mental illness run amok)

Just like our Muslim extremist enemies strap bombs to children and use them as human sacrifices to advance the “cause” of Islam, the American Left is committing psychological jihad against many our of own children to wage their war of ideology. It’s disgusting, it’s repulsive, and it shows clearly, once again, how repulsive these people can be.

What a far cry we are from the days when classrooms were propagandizing children to love and adore President Obama.

But as contemptible and vile as NBC News is with these videos, don’t think for a moment that there isn’t support for the president among America’s youngest citizens. And of course, the hate doesn’t stop with the network.

An eight year old boy in Texas was kicked out of his house by his wretched mother because he voted for Trump in a school election. And an 11-year-old boy was badly beaten up at a Virginia school because he cast a ballot for Trump in a mock election.

This is the legacy of the Marxist Left, which dominates the so-called “mainstream” media: Teach hatred, tolerate and instill violence, and use whatever means they feel are necessary to push their own ideology.

Even if it means committing psychological jihad against innocent children.

J. D. Heyes is a senior writer for NaturalNews.com and Newstarget.com, and founding editor of The National Sentinel.






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